Ever wondered what the benefits of going for a vacation or holiday in a hotel could be? There is a wide array of experiences to be enjoyed. Some benefits include 24-hour service of food, drinks, games, gym facilities, beaches, both indoor or outdoor games, concierge and connoisseurs that come in handy especially when you have children. They have a variety of activities to keep your children busy, internet and many other options. An example of the best benefits while on holiday is being at a hotel spa. To understand why it’s an advantageous benefit, it is important to know what a hotel spa is by definition.

A hotel spa, loosely defined is a spa found in a hotel or a hotel with a spa facility. Diana Goettel from Wise Geek defines it as a spa that is located in a hotel or resort. It allows the guests to enjoy an array of beauty services and treatments while on their stay. To enjoy the full advantages of a hotel spa, ensure to always make a reservation or booking. Once the booking has been made, it is a requirement to keep time for the appointment to enjoy the full privileges of the spa. On arrival, for their appointment, a guest is received by a receptionist. It is advisable to a short while before set times to get ready.

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There are hotel spas, however, that allow guests to book for their services at the comfort of their rooms, in turn, increasing their privacy. Otherwise, on arrival at the spa, the staff take details, assist you to get into comfortable slippers, more comfortable outfits preferably a robe and swimwear. The spa team may even offer snacks and refreshments to help the guest ease into a relaxed mood. At this point, a variety of options and treatments are available based on preference.

Depending on what time appointments were booked for, there may be time to enjoy the spa’s relaxing facilities including the swimming pool, dining and networking facilities, all in a relaxed atmosphere. After which, the spa treatments begin depending on what was booked. If doing spa treatments especially for the first time, they all begin with a consultation from the spa staff. The consultation includes discussions on skin types, allergies and any other factors that could affect treatment after which the staff can ably curate a treatment suitable as they all differ with individuals.

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Spa services may include a variety of massages as listed from Thumbtack including Swedish, hot stone, aromatherapy, deep tissue, shiatsu, trigger point, sports, acupressure, Thai, craniosacral, myofascial, even pregnancy. A full list of types of massages or some benefits can be found at natural body and spa shop. There are also facials which are done for various reasons like removing blackheads, unwanted facial hair, pampering, relaxation, anti-ageing purposes among others. Body treatments like Brazilian waxes, soaking in mineral salts, manicure, pedicure, mud baths, Jacuzzi’s, steam baths, saunas, brow waxing, body waxing, body polishing, sugar scrubs, and even medical services.

After finishing the activities that were booked, there are a variety of relaxation facilities at the hotel spas. Hotel spas also provide a number of health facilities that are available depending on the package chosen. There is swimming, sauna, visiting a relaxation room and if up to it, there are gym options. As a guest, you can opt for further therapy though it is advisable to book these in advance because spas may be busy, needing to make time for the services.

Places Worth your Time and Dime: A Hotel Spa

Having known what happens in a hotel spa, why not consider setting an appointment and get to enjoy the wide array of relaxing therapies available. Hotel spas provide an opportunity for relaxation from ordinary life responsibilities, lower blood pressure, promotes good sleep, they make you look younger, some argue that spas contribute to weight loss, give a chance for meditation, allows a chance to bond with self, increases skin radiance and even increases happiness.

The next time there is a chance to visit a hotel, sign yourself up at the spa, your body, your mind even soul will thank you. Even if you do not visit a hotel, make it a habit to visit spas more often. It will be worth your while and your dime.