Morocco is a beautiful state yet many remain cautious about visiting the place. Some of the reasons they choose not to are simply hear-say passed around to try and break down the tourism industry, but we can shed some light on the situation.

The country is not a desert

The country is not a desert from corner to corner, that could be the most widely spread rumor about Morocco. Morocco is such a vibrant country with so much to offer in terms of scenery, yes they do have a potion of the Saharan desert, but they also have beaches, mountains, and beautiful valleys that look like you are in a Swiss state. People picture sandy huts or miles of dunes spread out over the horizon when they think of Morocco and that is terrifying. You don’t have to be, tour the country, enjoy a dip on the northern coast, take a hike on the Rif mountains, there’s so much to do.

Myths That Stop Tourists From Visiting Morocco

So many think that the country is dangerous, having seen pictures of the streets being full of people. Most tourists picture being run after by flocks of people for looking like a tourist or being robbed when they go souvenir shopping. That is not the case, the cities in the state are as safe as any other city anywhere. It’s a politically stable country without any chaos whatsoever. Moroccans are not racists, and would not disrupt your peaceful vacation by being a different skin tone from them. Its citizens are mixed, and anyone can fit in, a tourist might even end up being mistaken for a resident. That’s how welcoming the state is.

You do not need to pack hijabs, or headscarves because of the vast Islamic religion present in Morocco. All tourists are allowed to have all varieties of dressings, but that does not mean that you should disrespect their religion. Morocco is a liberal state, just avoid shorts and see-through dresses, but if you have to wear one, have leggings to cover up. Lots of people wear tight clothes, there is no pressure to dress a certain way. In case you happen to be American, you might have heard that Moroccans don’t like Americans.

If you were to hear a person doesn’t like you, then you might never show up at their place. However, that is not true, Moroccans are very welcoming to all cultures, no matter where you come from. You might not agree on certain issues, that does not stop them from seeing that you are just a regular person. Get rid of the misconceptions and come down to Morocco, expect to have a great time.