Morocco is such a beautiful country, from its breathtaking beaches to its expansive desert. It’s an array of geography with mountains offering more to the vast colors of the country.

From the moment tourists land at Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca, gorgeous scenery just takes preeminence. The first town to visit would most likely be Asilah, a seaside town on Morocco’s northern coast. The town was a blend of modern-day architecture and rich history of invasion by the Portuguese back in the 16th Century. The beach is lined with white houses that are a gorgeous contrast to the vast blue from the ocean. The blue color is also beautifully painted on houses in the Chefchaouen town. They look like a painting against the rough green and brown of the Rif mountain scenery.

Architectural designs in the city of

Townhouses in Chefchaouen are built in such a manner that they look like they are cascading down the mountain, with each level revealing unique buildings as well as cafés. Its architecture is heavily influenced by Islamic and Andalusian cultures.

Architectural designs in the city of Fes are also fascinating to look at, from their tiling to arabesque patterns. In case you were not aware, the city of Fes in Morocco is host to the world’s oldest university. The city of Fes is like an open-air museum with so much Islamic history to offer. Moroccan history and culture can fully be felt in Marrakech town. The old town offers an incredible spot for shopping and souvenirs found in its abundant markets. Delicately painted ceramics, handwoven rugs, or jeweled gowns are part of souvenirs that are not so easily accessible anywhere else but in Morocco markets.

Impressions From Morocco

It is impossible to go through Moroccan towns and not have a spark of interest to try out the vast desert. The dunes are dramatically beautiful to encounter, especially during sunrise or sunset. Soft sand stretches for miles in all directions in the town of Merzouga, the horizon only being momentously broken by lines of camels. Most movie fans might not know that some Hollywood films such as ‘Mummy’, 1999, were filmed in Morocco. That is a fascinating fact most do not know about Ouarzazate town in Morocco.

The Rif and Atlas mountains stretch through the middle of the country. If you enjoy the adrenaline rush from rugged cliffs and winding roads that create some sort of roller coaster, then Moroccan mountains are a perfect fit for that desire. Fitness enthusiasts can choose to hike the highest mountain in Morocco, Mount Toubkal. Take your senses on a trip with the colors, scents, and sounds from Morocco.

The country offers travelers a delicacy of delicious foods to choose from. Their food variety can be compared to cuisines found in Italy, Spain, or Greece. If you happen to be a tourist from these states, then you won’t be missing home if you’re on vacation in Morocco. They have so many stray cats on most streets, if you happen to be a cat person, then you’re probably smiling thinking of them everywhere. The blend of chaos and quiet in Morocco is what makes it that much more mind-blowing.