When you book a massage, you expect to have a relaxing time that will leave you feeling on top of the world and ready for any other challenge. Unfortunately, there have been cases where the effects after a massage are far from what was expected. Some situations have turned so dire that the patients have ended up in hospitals. This is why it’s important to know just how intense the rubbing should be, and exactly what kind of massage you would like. There are several things that could possibly go wrong from a massage, we could learn from a few examples.

On a massage table, you never

On a massage table, you never think about what the therapist is doing because you have faith in their skills and believe that they’re professionals. Even with that said, they could end up being the reason for your demise, if they happen to be too aggressive or have the wrong setup for a massage. This exact case took place in Shanghai China, where a man was having a spa day to try and enjoy himself. He requested for the therapist to focus more on his neck area. After the massage, he went home to have a shower and realized that he was feeling a bit dizzy. The man’s friends rushed him to the hospital when the dizziness got so bad that he was unable to walk. The unprofessional masseuse he had used had caused a brain infraction that unfortunately, lead to his death.

Fatal Side Effects of a Massage

A person wouldn’t begin to imagine the extensive damage a simple massage can have on their spinal cord. A massage should not be painful, it can be a bit uncomfortable even so never to a point where your body can’t stand it. It would be better to just get off the massage table and walk out rather than waiting for the session to be over. Doctors have treated patients who have complained of severe back pain as a result of a massage. It’s quite rare for a blood clot to form from a back massage, but it did happen to 41-year-old men in Thailand. Don’t knowingly put your life at risk by being quiet, tell the massage therapist your exact pain tolerance.

A neck massage sounds so good especially after a long day at work, but not many know that if performed incorrectly, it might result in a stroke. If you’re massaged for too long, or too hard on your neck, your vertebral arteries could tear. It’s also not common since the neck is not a fragile structure, however, it is for some. The same goes for nerves, which are capable of withstanding a reasonable amount of pressure, but if pushed hard enough, might end up being damaged.

The soreness or mid-disorientation a person experiences after a massage is quite literally not an effect of detoxification, but ‘light poisoning’. Proteins released from an injured muscle due to excessive pressure could ‘poison’ body tissue that in unique cases leads to kidney damage. Be careful on any spa day, choose wisely what fits your needs.